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Baron Sir Onishi Katzushima the Farquestor, of Darkmoon in the Empire of the Iron Mountains.

”Not well? What is illness to the body of a knight errant? What matter wounds? For each time he falls he shall rise again, and woe to the wicked!" -- Don Quixote de la Mancha, Don Quixote

"You have to understand that the First Rule of Katzu is 'Never Listen to Katzu.' Listen to Matt; he's a great guy, but never listen to Katzu." -- Probably Alona

Welcoming his long-time conspirator Maera to the peerage.


Katzu's been hanging around Amtgard since 1999, when he, his cousin, and his (then) girlfriend Maera went to Granite Spyre in an attempt to find a LARP worth convincing his current LARP group to join. They returned home with all of their weapons illegal, a copy of the v6 rulebook, a sword made by Daxon Goldmoon, and a dream to become an ally to the Houston peoples. Katzu and crew started Crimson Moon, and Katzu would openly state that his only goal was to earn an Order of the Lion. When his year-long term ended as Chancellor he was made a Lord and had already earned many achievements and honors, but not a single Lion. His dreams shattered, Katzu drifted in the game until late 2000 when Sir Luke Wyngarde organized the Y2K bug quest, which Katzu helped run the Crimson Moon portion of. Designing and running the quest showed Katzu he could be pretty good at this, and so he set himself the "impossible" goal of Knight of the Flame by Master Smith, and his Masterhood only coming via Quests.

Katzu started with single quests, but because he's a gaming nerd started telling stories too big for one quest alone, and so began to run trilogies, starting with a return of his long-time rival, the Dread Lord Maphic. It was wildly successful, and that combined with his "Katzuquests," bits and pieces of various other LARP systems designed as an overlay on the core Amtgard mechanic, urged Katzu to take the game on the road running his next quest series as a three-part quest ran at three different parks. This act swiftly propelled Katzu onto the Kingdom's radar, and by 2003 he had earned an average of three Smiths a year and was poised to reach Masterhood quickly if nothing big happened. Something big happened in 2003 when Katzu married his long-time girlfriend Maera and moved to the Rising Winds and founded the province of Phoenix Tears.

Leaving the Wetlands on 9 Smiths, Katzu spent most of 2004 building PT rather than pursuing his goal. At Sir Wisp's knighting vigil in 2004, he was asked what projects he had been working on and Katzu couldn't answer. Realizing he had stalled out, this led Katzu to take a hand in running Discord in 2004, earning his 10th Smith. In 2005 he ran both the Pelennor Fields and Discord events within 7 days of one another, earning his Master Smith and his much-desired Flame Belt.

In 2009 tragedy struck as Katzu's brother was murdered and he felt himself needed back home in Louisiana. He moved back to Crimson Moon to be with family, and as he was welcomed back as a favored son became Duke of the province, for which he was honored with his Baron title. Having reached his goals in the society, Katzu slowed down a bit, but the v8 playtest stirred him back to activity just before he again moved, this time to the province of Kaembryge in the Celestial Kingdom.

Katzu remained in Kaembryge from 2014-2021, when life and fortune would have him move again, this time to Darkmoon in the Empire of the Iron Mountains.

Affiliated Groups

Apprentice Standards

Katzu will traditionally hold one apprentice under his Master Monk title, one Page or Man/Woman-at-Arms under his Baron title, and up to two Pages or Man/Woman-at-Arms and one Squire under his Knighthood. As of 2023, he is not currently sponsoring anyone.

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