Wendy and The Lost Boys

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Wendy and The Lost Boys

”We are a group to aid in the learning of Amtgard and all that is...and wish to be a counterpart to Critter and the Hot Chicks.... We want to build knowledge, sportsmanship, and love of the game...of course after all..... We REFUSE to GROW UP !


  • A Red background with a Light Blue Full Moon and a sun rising with a star to the left of the Moon


  • We started on the way home from a raid to Dragon's Tail on the 23 Aug 2008 with lots of input and encouragement.....

Notable Accomplishments

  • Starting is such a great accomplishment to begin with, but watch us grow and do to serve newbies, bystanders, as well as Our Wonderful Park of Western Gate Duchy and all of Amtgard Parks in a whole....

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Always looking for New Members

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