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Pulse, of Phoenix Tears in the Kingdom of Tal Dagore

Stephan - Pulse
Home Park Phoenix Tears
Kingdom Tal Dagore
Year Started 2008
Noble Title None
Belt Status MaA



Pulse, or "Silas", started the game in late March of 2008 after giving into to his roommate, Kokeiro, to come check out Amtgard.
After a few months in the game, Pulse had to leave to attend military training.
He came back the following October in time to attend Banner Wars in the CK.
There, he dropped the persona name "Silas" after being given the nickname Pulse on the ditch field.
After the event, he took a leave of absence from Amtgard to attend to his mundane job.
He picked up right where he left off in March of 2009.
In May of 2009, Pulse became a Tribal Initiate to Tribe Hellfire of the Saracens.
In January of 2010, he dropped colors for personal reasons.
In March of 2010 at his first Rising Winds event, he became a full member of Black Heaven.
As of June 2012, after a two year hiatus, he has made a return to the game.
In the past few months he has taken leadership in Pheonix Tears.
Although he is not holding a park office, that is not keeping him from teaching and making his park a better place.
As of October 2012, he is no longer a member of Black Heaven.

Pulse can be found always on the ditch, unless he is hiding from his groupies; Silverblood, Kokeiro, and Aries Darkthame.

Belted Family

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

Ex Champion of Phoenix Tears.
Most attractive Amtgarder in PT.
Stick Jock of Phoenix Tears.
Captain of the Ditch.

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