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Rycera (Dame) Alexia Edana the Storyteller of Emerald Cove, Neverwinter

"There is nothing greater in life than sharing song and story."

"Glad to help!"

A comic cover (for Tavern Stories) and persona portrait made by the player.


Lexi (Mundane: Brittany (Vandegraft) Witt) Started playing Amtgard in October, 2006.

  • Full Name: Rycera (Dame) Master Dragon Nobile (Baronet) Lady (Onishi) Alexia Edana (O'Conner), Paragon Bard, Mistress, Esquire, the Schemer, Faerie Queen of Fables, Mother of Tales, the Vine Carnation Bard, Fire Enhancer, The Storyteller
  • She was the 3rd official member of Cursed Prairie.
  • Lexi spent more time in office at Cursed Prairie than not. She learned a lot from their sister park of Phoenix Tears and many helpful players in the Rising Winds often entering and running competitions.
  • She was Kingdom Dragonmaster twice and soon after Regent of the Kingdom of the Rising Winds.
  • Lexi has now traveled to the Kingdom of Neverwinter and resides with Doubting in the Emerald Cove.
  • She continues to work as a leader in the Emerald Cove.
  • It is rumored that her role as a Blacksmith for the Dagger of the Silver Moon might be a lot more underhanded than her public mask shows.
  • She loves to teach, particularly visual arts, storytelling and RP, and the bardic arts, and helps connect players whenever possible. It is her eternal mission to help players reach their goals both in and out of the game.

Contact Info:
[email protected]

Lexi on the ORK

Lexi on Alona's Virtual A&S Showcase

Flurby Stuff

Morhein's Heraldry

The daughter of Maggie Halvorsdottir (formerly Maggie O'Connor) and the God of flurbiness known in rp as Aldwhin (like Bacchus only with control over storms.)

She worships Morhein, the female moon deity of music, travel, and all wanderers. Morhein created the Ravens (like Romani in Amtgard and the comic Tavern Stories created by Lexi --player Brittany Vandegraft-Witt) and looks to Lexi to continue to spread the word of the Road. Lexi looks to Morhein much like she is her mother.

She spent her time residing in Cursed Prairie to help organize and build up the Barony.

Lexi also used to run the shop within the Guild Hall where she sold the monster parts and concoctions that were harvested on her adventures.

It is still spoken that somewhere underground she leads a band of masked mercenaries in league with Faerie. In addition, she has been associated with the Dagger of the Silvermoon Company on the field and off.

She and Doubting have settled in at Emerald Cove after a long and arduous journey on a mission from Morhein.

The smallfolk are slower to trust in the Emerald Cove, though she is working as a leader among the other welcoming Adventurers, and she once more took up a shop in the guild hall. She can most often be found outside in her caravan hanging with Doubting, their cat Bram, their gypsy vanner horse, and a young white dragon named Tristan who speaks only Ravian (based on Romani.)

Their real journey has only just begun.

Her family symbol and motto are "Passion" in the Celtic rune version of the fire of humanity. It is all of the positive parts of that which keeps us warm, creating, and expanding our knowledge. Her virtues are Honesty, Wisdom [intelligence seeking to gain wisdom...], Sincerity, Wonder, and Magic. Her Oath was to continue her own works in AnS and provide for those who ask.

Her Journey in Amtgard has only just begun...

Known Associates


The heraldry designed by this player for use in garb, awards, etc. There is a simpler version for things like leather.

Belted family


Doubting and Lexi at Bridge Wars '11.


She worked hard as a leader in Cursed Prairie.

Lexi is well versed in the arts and became known for her woodburning (pyrography) in the Rising Winds. She continues to expand this knowledge in Neverwinter and beyond.

Other arts include with much love: RP running and quest giving, 2D art and heraldries, award design, leather masks and pouches, garb and monster garb, herbal concoctions (including tea mixes and ink making), fiction and other writing, bardic singing and songwriting, cooking and baking, and 3D art(primarily polymer sculpture). She is currently taking steps into poi spinning, chainmail, and woodworking.

She is the creator of the Bardic competition "Siren" which she ran annually in the Rising Winds and plans to continue (perhaps even expanding it into an event known as the Gathering of the Bards or GoB which will include storytelling pits, constant entertainment, and annual gobbie battles.)

Lexi has entered, ran, and judged many tournaments at both park and Kingdom level within the Rising Winds and Neverwinter. She has also judged for Tal Dagore and entered other competitions out of kingodm online. She also created a new judging system based on mundane life jurried art shows with Doubting's assistance, and seeks always to better Culturals for all.

Her artwork has been featured in the gate favours for Keep on the Borderlands several times.

She was proud to get 2nd in the first Dragonmaster she entered in Neverwinter. She has entered many other competitions some with wins and often placing, and even won the banner contest in the spring 2020 reign for Neverwinter as well as the "Last TP" contest soon after. ^_^ She won the banner competition again for the Winter reign in 2023, and is always proud to have her entries shown or displayed. Above all, though, she loves to make gifts, and is often making heraldries for both commissions and as gifts.

Upon recieving her Knight of the Serpent, many of her fractured pieces, one of whom was dead for a long while, were able to come back together for the first time in almost 3 years. Upon visiting with her Goddess Morhein and singing once again, she also found that her wings were able to interact beyond the Astral plane for the first time. She is discovering more about planar magic and studying and sharing her own Journey. This is the beginning of a new chapter for Lexi.
During the Kingdom and local Zelda reign, she played a Twili tribe persona from the Widsom Faction. In addition, during Midreign and Coronation she represented the Great Fairy of Magic.
She continues to work hard as a leader in the Emerald Cove while expanding her efforts to create and help in Neverwinter.



Additional Images

A comic cover (for Tavern Stories) and persona portrait made by the player.

Neverwinter Coronation Spring 2020.

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