Bishop Plague

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Sheriff, Bishop Plague Blackleaf, of the Shire of Black Hollow Freehold of Burning Lands

”Ashes to Ashes, you'll All. Fall.. Down...”



In the Beginning there was the Reverend. Reverend resided in the dark forest until his village was destroyed by pestilence and he went on a quest to find the meaning of existence. His quest led him to Dragon Moon Keep. Here he started a holy war with the House of Plague against the house of Black and White. After A long battle, House of Plague was victorious. After the War ended He Was given the Title of Bishop By the Harbinger of Grey. Bishop Plague BlackLeaf now resides at Black Hollow. Once again in the Dark Forest, He sits as Monarch and welcomes others of the Dark Forest who have lost their homes and travelers who find themselves lost.

Belted Family

  • [Man At Arms]Lady Squire Erewen Morrigan Badgerhart Nemoralis


Sheriff Of Black Hollow, February 2013 - July 2013

Champion of Dragon Moon Keep, November 2010 - May 2011

Affiliated Groups

Grendel - Thrall

Bards and Nobles - Plague Bringer

Order of the Dark Forest

Midwestern Amtgard Paranormal Society - Ghost Hunter

Wendy and The Lost Boys - Terence the Dust Fairie

Notable Accomplishments

Started and Won The Holy war in Dragon Moon Keep...

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