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Lady Squire Erewen Morrigan Badgerhart Nemoralis

of Jupiter's Stones in the Kingdom Tal Dagore

  • "She keeps me in line and is my everything. I'd be lost without her. I love ya Mama bear." - Thorge Badgerhart
  • "This chick will murder your face, like MURDER YOUR FACE." - Squire Poobah


Erewen started at Cordis Medagar with Thorge Badgerhart and son Edden. Our family moved to Western Gate and called it home for a year approx.

Now we have created our own home park called Dragon Moon Keep with the help of Lady Andra De Lanci, and Master Archer Lord Uthgar.

She has held the position of PM for DMK from May 1st, 2009 to February 29th, 2011. She pushed DMK to go for Barony status in Sept. 2010 and we have made it.

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