Silverleaf Nar'thoniel

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Countess Dame Silverleaf Nar'thoniel, of the Kingdom of Tal Dagore

"Rise above the influence. Say 'NO!' to drama."

"What happens below deck, STAYS BELOW DECK!"


Admiral (Retired) of the Peregrine Guard

Squired January 2010 at PoWG Midreign. Belt dropped April 4, 2012

Squired by the Knights of Tal Dagore, June 17, 2012. "You just stepped into a left hook."

Master Dragon given by King Sir Wisp Nemoralis and King Sir Wyldecatt, March 23, 2013.

Brought into the Peerage as a Knight of the Serpent, December 14th 2013


Dame Silverleaf Nar'thoniel (Serpent 2013)

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Photo by William Sawalich