Slaughter Creek

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A Barony of the Celestial Kingdom, located in South Austin TX.

"I encourage everyone to come out and see what we're all about. It's good hearted old school Amtgard at its finest."-Bresil


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Past: SC Heraldry.jpg


Founded in December of 2007 From the ashes of Avalons Gate, Slaughter Creek quickly took off and was raised to Barony in June 2008.

Slaughter Creek is also known as the South Park, in reference to its southern location compared to the other parks that are in the greater Austin area, like Nocturnis and Tori-Mar.

For a summary of past chapter leadership, see the Slaughter Creek Monarchy page.

Slaughter Creek People

Slaughter Creek is home to many very active members, including several Saracens and members of the Church of the Apocalypse.

Current Officers

The Monarchy for Slaughter Creek of the Celestial Kingdom

Reign Monarch Regent Champion Prime Minister
Reign #1 (Spring 2007) Bresil --- Chango Tink Von Brazilius
Reign #2 (Fall 2007) Tink Von Brazilius Raven Dracul Scotty Wyngarde Nightmare
Reign #3 (Spring 2008) Apparition Mokushi Harlequin Shadow Weaver
Reign #4 (Fall 2008) Raven Dracul Snakebite Sims Nightmare
Reign #5 (Spring 2009) Lodar ??? Styles SelZonez Shadow Weaver
Reign #6 (Fall 2009) Raven Dracul ??? ??? ???
Reign #7 (Spring 2010) Styles SelZonez [[]] Lodar [[]]
Reign #8 (Fall 2010) Styles SelZonez [[]] Lodar Jakandar1
Reign #9 (Spring 2011) Jakandar [[]] [[]] Angus McCollouch
Reign #10 (Fall 2011) Jakandar [[]] Latilic [[]]
Reign #11 (Spring 2012) [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]]
Reign #12 (Fall 2012) [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]]
Reign #13 (Spring 2013) Thaddigren Dentiata [[]] [[]] [[]]
Reign #14 (Fall 2013) Thaddigren Dentiata2 [[]] [[]] [[]]
Reign #15 (Spring 2014) [[]] [[]] [[]] [[]]
Reign #16 (Fall 2014) Patch Balach Thaddigren Dentiata Ismay Demuse
Reign #17 (Spring 2015) Ellistrae Patch Selric Stonereaver Ismay Demuse
Reign #18 (Fall 2015) Ellistrae Ricken/Qilamil Reggie Kandarin/Thaddigren Dentiata Squire Latilic
Reign #19 (Spring 2016) Thaddigren Dentiata Isadore Mokushi Quoren Strife
Reign #20 (Fall 2016) Latilic Ellistrae Thaddigren Dentiata Quoren Strife
Reign #21 (Spring 2017) Thaddigren Dentiata Barric Southpaw Scorpion Luther Vailheart


  1. Jakandar held this position from September to November.
  2. Thaddigren held this posiiton from January to July.

Contacts and Directions

Meets at 12pm on Sundays in Mary Moore Searight Metropolitan Park. Tourney - 12(noon) Court - 1pm First Battlegame - 1:30pm Second Battlegame - 2:30pm Third Battlegame - 3:30pm

After that more if we want to keep fighting, then group outing for food.

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Fighters Practice is held at Steeplechase Park in Kyle, Texas, on Mondays beginning at 5pm.

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