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Baronet Heartwynd of Doomwind, of Western Gate Tal Dagore

”Easily Riled”-Tanath

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I'm a hedge witch, fra tha far north, you see. Just a minor old woman, delivering babies, healing the sick and infirm, no one important. My duchy, Western Gate, went to war and I was called up to be a battle healer. I showed devotion and dedication and was of value above and beyond and so I received the title of Baronet. Since that time I've tried to remain of value to my duchy and the people of Western Gate..

In real, My son Xander brought our whole family into the game and I've been involved in one way or another for about 5 years actively.

Affiliated Groups

  • Critter and the Hot Chicks
  • Free Merchants (Defender - RW)
  • RW Super's Reign (Rogue)
  • Western Gate
  • House Fionna Driag
  • Blue Hood Marque
  • House of the Unladen Swallow
  • House Beledi
  • House of the Rabid Badger

Belted Family

Page Fey Anya of Western Gate

Notable Accomplishments

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