Xander Saif

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Lord Tarkan, Esquire of the Shire of Valiant Fields

"Lord Tarkan, Esquire"
Chapter Valiant Fields
Kingdom Tal Dagore
Started 2010
Noble Title Lord Esquire
Belted Status Page
Belted Under Sir Warlord Wyldecatt (Flame and Sword)


Tarkan (previously Xander Saif) is one of the original founders of Valiant Fields, currently a Shire in the Kingdom of Tal Dagore. He changed his name to Tobias Zebulon after being mistaken for Xander Doomwind of Western Gate and asked what he did to get banned for life. When he was informed that Tobias was taken, he then changed his name to Tarkan.

Affiliated Groups

Black Heaven

Notable Accomplishments

Esquire - given by King Wyldecatt of Tal Dagore - September 2011 Lord - given by co-Kings Wyldcatt and Wisp Nemoralis of Tal Dagore - June 2013

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