Dragon Moon Keep

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Amtgard Chapter
Dragon Moon Keep
Tal Dagore.jpg
The Kingdom of Tal Dagore
Status shire
City Washington, Missouri
Park Lions Lake Park
Meets on Sundays noon
Founded 2009
Active Defunct




Dragon Moon Keep was founded in 2009 by Thorge, Erewen, Uthgar, and Andra we play at Lion's Lake Park in Washington, Missouri.

DMK was elevated to the status of Barony on September 19th, 2010 at the IK event Keep on the Boarderlands.

DMK was demoted to the status of Shire on June 17, 2012 at TD coronation.


Baroness - Erewen
Prime Minister - Andra
Champion - Derka
Regent - Squire LordThorge BadgerhartM.D.
GM of Reeves - NA


Adrian Agwen Albrick Alexander Amberline Amtgarder1 Angel
Annabell Apoc Attica Austin Aylmer Azrael Azurus Balberith
Banan Beatrice Bellum Blueberry Bojack Boudwin Buff Chaos
Charlie Chris H Cynge Cypher Cyrena Dante Dezyria Donovan
Donovan Draggin Balls Dranoel Elijah Fracture Garnet Getts
Greg Hakori Hollister IDK IDK2 James Jonas Jonathan
JonDalar Kira Kozark Krailzen Krysalis Labortis Leonitus
Llama Lothlorien Stormheart Magnus Malik Malstry Marcus Maul
Mavrik Midnaya Mike the Unicorn Nomad Olivia Perspohne Raina
Rheinhart Rike Robeh Scoopy Senrid Shi Shiro Soche Star
Syprus Thing 2 Thing1 Trent Trill TuSocks Undecided Valdagar
Varna Welden Whispering Eye WIll Wily DeJect Wultgar Zeth

Contacts and Directions

(This chapter no longer meets and is defunct.) [email protected] - Andra

Dragon Moon Keep met on Sunday at noon. The chapter use to meet at the Lions Lake Park in Washington, MO. in the large open field next to the lake or the pavilion at the top of the hill by the soccer fields.


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