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Amorea, of Dragon Moon Keep, Tal Dagore


OOC: Started at Dragon Moon Keep shortly before her first pregnancy overtook her once petite figure. Shortly after having her first child, she got pregnant again, deciding the best thing to do would be A&S. Finding that not plausible, due to her husband's natural magnetism for all useful items in the house. She became a bard in a pathetic attempt to fill a hole left in her lift. Realizing she was only wasting the caster spot in her park due to her feeble nature, she decided to go barbarian. "Maybe an aggressive class would help." She no longer wastes a caster slot and finally has garb she (with much appreciated help from Erewyn) was able to piece together. She is married to Scorbok and they have 2 children. The eldest of which enjoys watching fights, but is too adventurous to take to practice.

IC: Raised in a house of entertainers, Amorea decided to follow the family trade. She mounted her quaint steed and set upon a mission to make a name for herself as a singer. Every chance she was given failed due to fear of embarrassment. Through out her travels, she made many friend and married a barbarian, Scorbok.She became pregnant with her first child shortly before they made home at a humble, friendly Shire known as Dragon Moon Keep. Wanting to show her skills at the vocal arts, she became a local bard. However her fear of rejection overcame her and she continued to fail her companions. After many more failures, she began contemplating her purpose. She practiced and took the path of war.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Married Scorbok
  • Taught 16 month old to take an arm

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