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Syko, of Many places

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Originally from the Celestial Kingdom. Moved to Colorado Springs around 1999, showed up at Darkmoon with his wife Syr Warchylde but some previous issues with other Knights had followed him to his new home and he stopped playing.

Later played a bit with Seven Waters but has not been seen since that group folded.

Went by the name Syr Syko, usually shortened to Syk.

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A humorous fact, Syko has never used that name as an active persona name. He has been Logan MacTreanfier (Grimwulff) and Adorr Moonferal. Syko is his real life nickname and it always followed him onto the field.

Syko began his career around 1987 in Barrad Duin, the original Amtgard group in Austin, Tx. He played off and on for a few years and when the group broke away from Amtgard and became HFS, he started looking for something else.

Not long after he and a few friends found out about the San Antonio group and they made the trip down to begin negotiations to restart Amtgard in Austin. Soon, Tori-Mar was formed and he played there regularly for many years.

In 1997 he and his wife, Sir Warchylde moved to Midland, Tx and formed The Shire of Nine Willows under Golden Plains. Over the next year and a half Syko and Warchylde had many issues with the politics of Golden Plains which culminated in his petitioning The Celestial Kingdom for membership.

Over the years, Syko won numerous awards for his leather work and armor building and was eventually awarded his Master Owl and Master Dragon at a Golden Plains midreign. When he wasn't knighted for this accomplishment, Sir Father Thomas, King of The Celestial Kingdom took it upon himself to bestow knighthood upon Syko under the reasoning that Syko had won the vast majority of his awards in CK.

Syko dropped his belt at a CK Weaponsmaster in 1998 after it was determined that Ck would not take in Nine Willows.

In 1998, Syko and Warchylde moved to Colorado Springs and visited the Duchy of Darkmoon. Due to various reasons they didn't return after their initial experience. They started playing with Seven Waters and travelled to Iron Mountains (Denver) several times. In 2003, after 16 years of activity, Syko removed himself from the game for good.

He currently resides in Midland, Tx and occasionally visits his old group, Nine Willows.

Affiliated Groups

Clan Grimwulff

Wardancers (formerly)

Belted Family

Squire of Sir Knightlynx prior to knighthood

Squire to Sir Knightlynx after dropping belt

Notable Accomplishments

Knight of the Serpent of the Celestial Kingdom Circa 1997. Knighthood was thought to have been removed by the Iron Mountains some time after that. However new information states that Psycho dropped his own belt, more than once during official functions of the Celestial Kingdom. As such Monarch chose to convey that Syko was not a recognized member of the CK Circle of Knights when he moved to IM.

Master Owl

Master Dragon

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