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Gafiltafish Tserrall
Home Park Knight's Rest
Kingdom Tal Dagore
Year Started 2006
Noble Title Duke
Belt Status Knight

Immortal Duke Gafiltafish Tserrall of Knight's Rest, Defender of Tal Dagore, Knight of the Flame and Crown

  • ”Did he really just say that”
  • '"Hail Hydra!"'


Started in Mid 2006 in the park of Western Gate in Saint Louis. G-fish is friendly and known wherever he is received. He began in PTK and is now a member of Altan Sar. He is known as the Mad King of Tal Dagore. He currently resides in Knight's Rest.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Prime Minister of The Knoblands (Feb 2007-July 2007).
  • Prime Minister of The Knoblands (Sept 2008-Feb 2009)
  • Sheriff of The Knoblands (Oct 2007- April 2008)
  • Kingdom Champion of Tal Dagore (June 2014-Dec 2014)
  • Kingdom Monarch of Tal Dagore (Dec 2014-June 2015)
  • Awarded Duke title, September 2015, given by King Konrad
  • Awarded Master Rose, January 2022, given by King Kylus Wulfang
  • Paragon Druid, September 2022, given by Chieftain Fly Nycto
  • Paragon Wizard, October 20023, given by Kings Sir Marcus & Sir Razor
  • Knight of the Flame, (January 2023)
  • Knight of the Crown, (October 2023)

More Information

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