Kaje of the Wolf Spirit People

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Lady Kaje of the Wolf Spirit People, Black Ember Fortress, Kingdom of Tal Dagore

May the spirit of the wolf guide you on your journey through life.

Life is like a sled dog team- if you're not the lead dog, the scenery never changes!



I have been playing Amtgard since Oct 2009. January 2010 I was "voluntold" I was the new Sheriff of OBF lol. I am the real life mother to Akira Ishtar, sister to Anteries, daughter of Caveman and wife to The Coin Purse ( A.K.A. Nonexistant Husband. Yes, it's a family game lol.) As part Cherokee Indian, I am all about nature. I am working on new weapons and getting some combat training for Amtgard. I LOVE A&S and hope to bring unique items and knowledge to the game. The wolf is my spirit totem, hence my full name.

Personal Note- July 29, 2010 my father in law Steven Allen Knipp was killed while riding his bicycle on the frontage road less that 1/4 mile from his home in Virden, IL. He had just turned 50 the week before. The boy who hit him claimed to not have seen him since he was too busy messing with his visor. He claimed to have been speeding by doing 60 MPH in a 55 zone. According to police he was doing over 80 at the time of impact. Steve IS one of the greatest men I have had the honor to know. He was a high school teacher for over 34 years at Morrisonville High School, actively involved with the IEA/NEA and Native American/ Alaskan Indian Caucus as well as much more. Education and family were his life. He was loved by more people all over the nation than I believe he ever knew. In his honor and memory, Akira ( my daughter ) and I have paid dues for life Oct 2nd 2010.

Please make sure to let all your loved ones know how much they mean to you. If such a tragic accident could happen to me - it could happen to you.

Affiliated Groups

Wendy and The Lost Boys- Rosetta Fairy

Midwestern Amtgard Paranormal Society - Founder/ Ghost Hunter

Amazons - Daughter to Jetamio de Sam Parr

Belted Family


Sheriff, Shire, Order of the Black Flame Jan 2010- Dec 2010

Regent, Shire, Order of the Black Flame Jan 2011- June 2011

Sheriff, Shire, Black Ember Fortress ( formerly Order of the Black Flame ) Jan 2012- July 2012

Notable Accomplishments

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