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Lord Squire Kokeiro Arkaine ap Cormac MacLeod of Phoenix Tears, in the Kingdom of Tal Dagore



Kokeiro has been continuously active and a great asset to the Duchy of Phoenix Tears. He has also attended Banner Wars as well as Spring War which is a CK event. He is always willing to travel and has helped at many Kingdom events including running as Gate-o-Crat for 2008's Discord.

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In March of 2013, Kato and Kokeiro risked their lives to save 2 fellow amtgarders who had gotten into an accident in a blizzard. They drove 30 miles on a highway that was shut down, that police were no longer checking- picked them up from a car that was hemorrhaging gas and had missing windows then took them back to the safety of a hotel. This is after spending the earlier part of the day helping others get to safety. - this note added by Duke Squire Poobah

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