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Man at Arms Captain Smee Smythe, of Ministry of Dragons, Freehold

”Yarrrr, bitches...”



  • Smee began playing in Fiery Nights out of Waukegan, IL, in 2003. A nublet in general, Smee went through the usual newbie phases, and never really grew out of them until 2005, when he made his first event, a RW Midreign, where he proceeded to act like a douche pretty much. The actuality of Amtgard hit him like a ton of bricks shortly thereafter, and he began to pull his head out of his ass.
  • Smee's a mediocre garber, known for "10 ft garb" That is, it looks really nice from about 10 feet away. His stick's around the top end of average or low end of good for his region. He loves to perform at bardics and has been known to sing on the field for no real reason. He's a drinker, and appreciates good booze.
  • In early 2006, Smee was inducted into the Peregrine Guard after meeting Eisenfaust at an event. He quickly corrupted their goody-two-shoes butts into becoming proper pirates, and gained a captaincy of his own over the P.G.S. Ravenous, a light clipper. One of the Guard's favorite games is seeing who can steal Smee's rum. Dickstabbings often follow this game.
  • At Discord '07, Smee took his first step towards doing something productive, when he and Agustus founded Bardic Blues, a household dedicated to promoting and improving bardic performances in the RW region.
  • At RW June Midreign, Smee was belted as a Man at Arms to Squire Ursa, who had just been belted himself. He's still not sure what to make of this whole "belt" thing, or why he deserves one, but he's going with the flow.
  • Self-proclaimed Stick-flurb. Plays Monk because it's the closest you can get in a class battle to ditching.
  • Despises anyone who thinks that a SoA makes you somehow more useful on the field.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • It once took Glorious 3 swings to kill him.
  • Can consume more rum per event than possibly any other Amtgarder in the region.
  • Was once tazed by Tusocks.
  • Co-founded Bardic Blues.
  • Can cast Mass Inebriation regardless of class played.
  • Sacked Tortuga at Discord '08.

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