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Man At Arms Corporal Caboose , of Silver Sun under Westmarch, Dragonspine

”DANCING TIME!!!” ”I try not to think while I'm sleeping”



Caboose...or whatever he says his name is this time...has been playing since '99. As of late he has been out of the game due to other noble/drunken adventures that he would say may or may not have taken his soul. Whilst he rarely involves himself directly in drama, it is one of his favourite forms entertainments.

Random Thingy's

  • Dislikes Pants
  • Favourite weapon is a bow
  • Wishes mortin actually worked
  • Favourite word is "what?"
  • Once known as an ADBM
  • Theme song is Mr. Cellophane
  • His brain has a 30 second lag time behind his mouth
  • Claims that being a DORK is all the rave

Belted Family

Additional Information