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Archduke Sir Ironpaw Lightfoot 'nav Nox, of Dragonspine.

”*growls* "I am a delicate flower damnit!”


Las Cruces Ren Faire, Dragonspine 2007


Dru-Kara and Shadow Silverblade wedding, Dragonspine officiating October 11, 2011

Ironpaw's Personal Hearldry
Home Park Dragonspine
Kingdom Dragonspine
Year Started 1990
Noble Title Archduke
Belt Status Flame


Ironpaw started his Amtgard career in late August 1990 in the then Barony of Dragonspine. Introduced to the game at a demo at New Mexico State University, he did not start attending regularly until the middle of September of that same year. Lacking weapons and garb, his story was pretty much the story of anynewb. With the help of friends and some extensive therapy, Ironpaw soon overcame this and became a contributing member of the Barony.

Except for a short stint enforcing the king’s will in Shadowvale during the mid 90’s, Ironpaw has always resided in Dragonspine. By his own account, he joined Amtgard for the role-playing and with the hopes of getting beyond first base with his future wife Quicksilver. This attitude pretty much set the stage for the rest of Ironpaw's career in Amtgard.

Once a Saracen Chieftain, Ironpaw is now the captain of the Sterling Dogs, a fighting company started in Dragonspine that has since expanded to the rest of Amtgard via the Wetlands, the Celestial Kingdom, Rising Winds, and the Iron Mountains. Present through most of Dragonspine’s milestone’s, Ironpaw has become a fairly permanent fixture in the kingdom, albeit absent occasionally due to real life. Currently, he is in the process of training a new squire and realizing that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Flurby Bio

Condensed version

Ironpaw was born to a Wolf-rider elf and a High One Magus on the world of Two Moons. Ironpaw spent most of his youth as a solitary wandering nomad, traveling through the world with his bear; hunting, dodging trolls, and generally minding his own business. What little contact he had among the various elves in the world was sporadic and strained at best. What contact he had with the humans usually ended in blood shed. Ironpaw lived this life for nearly a century and a half.

During his travels through the mountains and forests of Two-Moons, Ironpaw fell through a strange rift. He found himself in a mountainous region of Earth near the Icelandic town of Reykjavik. Unable to convince the locals he was neither an Alf nor from Alfheim, Ironpaw soon set out into the wilds. Travelling from one end of Iceland to the other, Ironpaw eventually realized he was in the homelands of the humans. Unable to leave the island of his own accord, he took to deception, hiding his racial features to sign on to an Icelandic Drakkar, traveling the world as a raider, guardsmen, and mercenary. During this time, Ironpaw traveled through the known and unknown world, from the Far East, through the hot deserts of the Indus valley, across Europe and the seven seas. Ironpaw met many people along these travels that he would later re-meet when he entered the realms beyond reality.

It wasn't until four centuries later when Ironpaw once again found himself thrown through the vortex of time and space, this time to find himself on the forested fields of Dragonspine, a newly founded outpost and Barony of the Burning Lands. It was here, along with the humans he had lived with for years, that he found others of his own kind, elves who had come from Two moons. One in particular, Quicksilver, caught his fancy. Caught without home or possession, he was soon adopted by the Lord and Lady of House Chaos, Sir Delphos and Sir Esuom. "Raising" him, they taught him the ways of the new world as well as service and civility. Taking the red belt from his foster father as a squire, Ironpaw took up the mantle of the gentlemen villain.

He has resided in Dragonspine for the last 23 years, making a home and name for himself. During that time he has served at the reins of the kingdom as well as its defender and voice in vassal lands.

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Gathering of the Clans XXV, 2008

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