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Woman at Arms Alayne O'Fearghail De'Grathor Eru Ilúvatar, of High Oasis, Dragonspine

”Ah! She said knowingly!!”


After her mother died in her child hood, she grew up on her father's ship, where the crew loved her enough to overlook her obvious feminine disqualifications. Marooned after a huge storm that claimed the lives of most of the ship's crew, including her father, she shunned the sea, and instead made her way into the blazing hot desert, where she happened upon the Barony of High Oasis. At first hesitant to become at all attached to anyone, soon she was won over and has since become Woman at Arms to Pollux and the Barkeep at The Sweaty Yeti, turning a tidy profit.

She recently was married to Teylon De'Grathor, and adopted into the family of Pollux, thus adding both names to her own.

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