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Lady Squire Twitch, of Eagle Valley Goldenvale.

”You claim to be a "top end" fighter, when you are nothing more than an oft kicked puppy, begging for the scraps left behind by the Sword Knights, and Warlords you wish you could be. You are an elitist, who thinks he has the right to be that way. You are a PERMA-NEWBIE, Larry. You just don't fucking get it, and you never will.” -Aimed at Sir Haggis, before he turned into Sir Haggis.


Twitch first showed up in Dragon's Keep in late 1995. Overjoyed at the fact that he was allowed to actually shoot arrows at people. Happy to be a player, and let the other people who knew better run things. But always with an opinion about everything. Vocal in things, weather it was wanted, needed, or even supposed to be public. Twitch later moved to Griffons Peak, under Goldenvale, where he helped run things for a few years until that park dissolved on itself. Since then, he has been a happy member of Eagle Valley, even if his home park is now 800 miles from his home.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

  • Formerly Squired to Syr Disciple of Goldenvale
  • Currently Squired to Wolfen Of wherever the fuck he is in West Virginia.
  • Various Men at Arms and Pages, depending on how bad I want a beer, and how little I wish to stand up and get it myself. None at the moment.
    *Please do not edit my Wiki page with some outlandish beltline script or whatnot.. I like it short.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Sheriff and Champion of Griffons Peak too many times to count.
  • Killed Roleplay posting on the GV mailing list, 2002.
  • Titled Lady by Queen Fionna of GV. (Ouzo and Vodka helped)

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