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Grand Duchess Sir Tawnee Darkfalcon of the Lands that Burn




Mundanely known as Michelle Ellington, Tawnee attended the first Amtgard happening ever, where Peter La Grue who started the whole thing with Attillia The Hun's Birthday Bash on Febuary 12th 1983, Tawnee went on to win the First Crown Tournament and became the first Monarch of Amtgard by Right of Arms.

Tawnee is a legend, she was there at the begining to take the reins. Her name appears on the list of Amtgard Firsts over and over again. She was the first Knight of Amtgard in the Order of the Crown, She was the founder of the First Company the Star Questing Dragons which still exsists today. She was the first Duchess and Grand Duchess, She created the Bard Class. She won Cultural Olympian for the first three years in a row in the first three years of Olympiad.

Affiliated Groups

Founding Member of the Star Questing Dragons, somehow affiliated with the Wandering Unicorns.


Belted Family

Dame Tawnee Darkfalcon

Sir Gilos Dawnhope (10/22/83)

Sir Asmund Heimdale Haroldson (4/28/84)
Sir Deth The Dire Hearted (7/14/84)
Sir Morluk the Merciless (12/10/83)

II. Sir Nashomi the Silver Wolf (10/22/83)

Sir Charloc (5/4/85)

Sir Thanos Darkside (10/22/83)

Dame Lady Kalibria (5/4/85)

Sir Argon Darkwolf (Crown 1993)

Notable Accomplishments


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