Abiliegh Cross

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Duchess Marquis Baroness Squire Abiliegh Cross Darkjester of the Emerald Hills

A.K.A. Westminster Abi, the highest spiritual authority on Wokou
”Blame Abi”
"Kord mushroom stamped me with his love!" -Rakis 2010



She likes to laugh, and to punch people. These may or may not happen in tandem.

The Random Facts

  • It's Abi's fault.
  • Her favorite color is safety orange.
  • God had to kick her out of Clan, not once but twice.
  • Is being Stalked by Doom
  • Pollux was going to stalk her, but thought it easier to just make her his Squire
  • Can often be found killing time on E-Sam, at least while she's at work...
  • Ivar's understudy
  • As the Wokouvian Party Coordinator, she can often be seen causing havoc alongside The Steward of Shenanigans
  • Don't feed her vodka

Rumors Surrounding Abi

  • Abi real birth certificate has her born in Vancouver. She illegally crossed the Canadian border with her family when she was a small child, and has lived here ever since. -Roger
  • Abi's secret lair is somewhere in the Canadian Rockies. She keeps a Texas address only to FURTHER further obfuscate her secret plans...which she makes from her secret canadian lair. -Kenshin

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments



Additional Images

Sir Pollux and his immediate belted family

Abi & Ivar at SW XVI

Abi & Asmund partying for St. Patrick's Day, 2009

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