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Lord Squire Ecthelion, of the Shire of Eldamar, in the Kingdom of Goldenvale

”For Justice!”
"Ecthelion is the 'Mumen Rider, Champion of Justice' of Amtgard" - Sir Colt Mortemanus



After starting Amtgard in the Barony of Haranshire many many moons ago on the quad at ESF, Ecthelion became a mainstay in the Kingdom of Goldenvale. After graduating, his love of questing and adventuring led him and Birch to starting up the wonderful park of Eldamar in Saratoga, NY. Nowadays, he can be found championing justice and protecting the citizens from all forms of evil shadows cast by ne'er do wells. Onward, Citizen! For justice, glory, and many long bike rides! A hero's work is never done!

Affiliated Groups

The Shire of Eldamar

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Started the Shire of Eldamar alongside Birch
Received the Noble Title of Lord at Great Eastern 2020
Squire given by Sir Colt at Great Eastern 2020, ninja'd during the same announcement for his Lord title. Never saw it coming.


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