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Man at Arms Lord Thoan Runebeard of Ominous Valley, Principality of Viridian Outlands


Thoan Runebeard, known to his friends as “Beardy” or “Runey”, began playing Amtgard in May of 2014. He learned of the game from his friend who kept pestering him to check out the Shire of Ominous Valley. After checking out Amtgard online, he finally went down to the park. After he joined, he slowly fell under the spell of LARP. The day after he started, he started his training with Dassadec Steeltooth.

Joining a tournament two months after he began, Runebeard won and became the Shire’s next Champion. For doing such a good job, he was granted the title “Guardian of the Valley”. This served to deepen his interest in the game.

After his first Circles of Fate in the north of Alberta at the Barony of Western Winds in the year of 2014, he started to collect bits and pieces of garb and becoming more and more enthralled in the game. Not too much happened at this other than a very scrubby Runey whacking someone in the face with a pole.

About a year after joining Ominous Valley, Dassadec, having seen the progression that Runebeard had made as both a fighter and a player, he made the decision to invite Runey to the Nomads as an Adventurer (i.e. an initiate). Runebeard agreed and got his first bit of Nomad gear shortly after.

Around six months after that, he was told that he was ready to be tested to become a full fledged member of the Nomads. His test consisted of 45 minutes of non-stop fighting against the whole park, which at the time was approximately 20 people. It was solo fighting for the first 30 minutes. In the final 15 mins it turned into 1v2 and 1v3 till it became 2v4 and so on and so forth. If at any point, he was defeated or gave up, his candidacy would be invalid. Runebeard passed and was inducted as a full member of the Nordic Nomads.

At 1kStars 2016, Runey handed out a lot of beers. A lot of really bad, really cheap beer. On the bottom of the beers, he placed a black sticker to poison those who drank of it. It was spread around the camp. The exact number of ‘casualties’ is unknown as some of those beers were shared with others. He killed quite a few of the Church of the Apocalypse members and he ended up almost killing the Bishop of Stormhaven - Saint of Deception. So impressed with Runebeard was the Bishop that he immediately inducted him into the Church.

Runey has started to go to larger and larger events in various kingdoms and he has been doing the successful job of spreading the Canadian love to all!

Affiliated Groups

In The Barony of The Ominous Valley:

Nordic Nomads

Church of the Apocalypse

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Guardian of the Valley

  • Awarded for winning a tourney with no losses
    • (This is a local title)

Dragon master x2 at the local level

  • Weapon master at local level 09/16/17
    • Awarded for winning Summer weapon-master 1st in call categories

Omens feast-o=crat three times running

sheriff within the OV 2016

Board of Directors

  • Has been on BoD for the past year

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