2.0 (player)

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2.0 of Nymyr's Sanctum, Kingdom of Westmarch

Also known as Melakor. Also known as Tevas 2.0

2.0 trying to channel some of Tevas' sex-appeal.

"2.0 is downloading!" -- Torbjorn Kegslayer, upon seeing 2.0 re-introducing his alcohol into the wild.
"If I'm not drunk it's not court." --2.0


Active-duty Marine. No longer Tevas's roommate, has finally found his own couch to sleep on. Was banned from Amtgard and exiled to Afghanistan by Deimos upon his appointment as Prince of Westmarch.

Was guilt-tripped into Amtgard by old friend Tevas after a deployment to Iraq in 2006. Has since learned to follow in his mentor's steps as a stick jock, but still hasn't been able to master the spins.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Line

Squire to Axgar Erion the Blackhanded

Notable Accomplishments

  • Co-Organized Westmarch's Infernal Invasion Quest chain with Tevas late 2008 through early 2009.
  • Winner of Siar Geata's Feb 2009 Crown Qualification tourney.
  • Stabber of Loptr's floating rib.
  • Taking a close 2nd place in the Best Ass competition at Salt Wars 2008, behind Hannoske.
  • Making it through a whole Darkshore without sounding like a vespa.

Additional Images

Spacing out at Darkshore IX Cuddling with the Grendel at Darkshore IX

More Information

Often (when drunk, so very often) sounds like a cross between a faulty chainsaw and a Vespa going uphill. -Darkshore 2008