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Squire Qilamil duChevalier

”Always go for the gold, never stop when you've just begun”


Qilamil started his journey in the Duchy of Pegasus Valley, Dragonspine, in 2004. A quiet lad, he kept to himself. He spent most of his time learning new techniques and fighting methods while training with many of the other experienced fighters. He disappeared from the scene in 2008 due to personal reasons, but then resurfaced in 2014 in Murky Waters. He has spent the better part of his time helping others progress with their fighting skills as he learned. He joined a company under the name Angelus Mortis, due to his prowess in battle and undying ability to instruct new fighters, the company grew within the then Duchy of Murky Waters. Sadly, after a major disagreement between members, the company became disbanded, leaving Qilamil by himself. He has rode the King's Highway between lands, fighting at Murky Waters, Slaughter Creek, and many more. He finally found shelter from the storms at the Devil's Bayou. He continues to strive to become a better fighter and learn the crafts and what drives the monarchs to make the decisions they make. After spending some time as temporary regent in the Barony of Slaughter Creek, he escalated to become the Celestial Kingdom's Treasurer, even though he resigned.

After floating as a member of the Celestial Kingdom, he travelled to the Kingdom of Neverwinter in 2019. Re-emerging as a new citizen of the Duchy of Shadowcrest, he then got elected as their Duke for a term. He served his term quietly, for the most part, and stepped down after his term. He then went on to co-autocrat Food Fight 2020 with another (Drustan), and successfully reached the goal set forth. He then transferred to the Barony of Iron Crossing, yet stayed in the crowd for the most part.

After a few attempts at taking Kingdom office to learn and help out where he could, he was finally elected to Kingdom Champion.

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