Colin Archibald

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Sir Baronet Colin Archibald of Bellhollow, Nine Blades

”All I want, is to see Armor on the Field.”



Colin is a well known armorer in the Northern Empire. Begining with a metal breast plate he has made leather bracers and greaves but has mostly focused on chainmail. From 4-1, kingsmail and 6-1 he's made shirts, full hauberks, coifs and even some decorative banners and cute Owl Keychains. Always up for RP at events, he always loves to lend a hand to the NPC crew during quests. Finally, after years of crafting he learning to teach what he knows and learn new things.

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Non-Noble Titles

  • Overseer (non-noble) Ducal Monarch Karn 2011-11-01
  • Master of Winter (non-noble) Brother Fredrick, Kingdom of GV 2012-09-01

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