Aeon Wulfsbane

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Aeon Wulfsbane
Chapter Western Winds
Kingdom Viridian Outlands
Started 2016
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Count Aeon "The Mountain" Wulfsbane, of Western Winds, Viridian Outlands

”The art of distraction, you just scream, and kill”


Aeon "the Mountain" Wulfsbane joined Amtgard in the spring of 2016 after a lot of persistence and convincing from his friend Morrow that Amtgard was not like a regular LARP. He attended his first Circles of Fate and that was the moment he fell in love with Amtgard forever. His favorite fighting style is 8' pole. He is a barbarian in nature, and reflects that on the battlefield. His garb includes brown medieval pants and tunic, with one orange and one grey winningas. Typically he wears a single bracer on his right arm and an oversized pauldron on his left shoulder, the Nordic Nomads Company headband is also a must. His fighting shield depicts a wolf standing in front of a mountain under the night sky. He recently became a Squire to Warlord Sir Baron Dassureth

Belted Family

Affiliated Groups

  • One of the Founding members of House EOS

Notable Accomplishments

  • Squire
  • Count
  • King of Viridian Outlands
  • Duke of Western Winds
  • Frost Warden (Past)

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