Fitz DeShaun du Chevalier

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The Golden Knight, Syr Super Fitz DeShaun du Chevalier, Warlord of Goldenvale


Full Brother of Omega <----> Omega Greek Name: Hermes


Swinging open the once hinged dry rotted door with a loud creak, the door hits the wall. Light pouring in from the outside, a tall figure stands in the doorway. With nothing but a few tattered clothes and a leather satchel filled with parchments slung over the shoulder. The figure approaches a rusted box with a golden lock and pushes a ring into the lock. With a loud CLICK the lock falls to the ground. The figure opens the rusty case with some degree of difficulty.

Slowly opening the rusted box emitting a radiant light, behold the shadowy figure is none other than the Legendary Fitz DeShaun du Chevalier. He reaches into the box to find his Golden Gryphon emblem gone and in its place an Omega. Fitz shrugs and puts on his padded gambeson and gathers his twin swords and trusty shield. In one motion drops his leather satchel in the rusty box and kicks it shut with the lock magically moving back into place. Who knows when Fitz will return to that box?

Fitz jumps onto his trusty steed and travels a day or so back to his home land of Goldenvale to find that a New King was born… HUZZZAH to King Checkers the crowd roared! Getting off of his steed Fitz picked up a parchment floating on the dusty streets and unraveled the parchment.

It read as follows:

To: Warriors and the like,

King Checkers is holding a tournament on behalf of himself becoming King! Bring your trusty sword and the like. Enter the tournament if you dare. The best warriors from around the region have already entered. A prize for the victor you may acquire.

--Signed Champion Beans

Un-sheathing his sword Fitz swings once, twice… just to get the kinks out. The rest was history.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments


  • Sword Knight - Given by Sanchez, 2012 by the power of Queen Miaka
  • Squire - Given by Sanchez, January 2002
    • The Golden - Given by Sanchez, 2009



  • 10th Order of The Warrior - Given by Queen Miaka, September 2010

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