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The Shire of the Silver Sun

A defunct chapter of Westmarch, located in Santa Barbara, California.

"Silence is golden. Gold isn't our color."

Amtgard Chapter
Silver Sun.jpg
Silver Sun
Kingdom Westmarch
Status Defunct
City Santa Barbara, Ca
Park Tucker's Grove
Meets on Sundays
Founded 2002, refounded June 2009
Active '


Founded in 2002 by evil Randy, Nelle Silver Sun, Melinda Silver Sun, and Taly after a split with Feanga.

"The Shire of the Silver Sun is a port town in the westernmost reaches of the Kingdom of Dragonspine. Created as a safe haven for the more bawdy classes, it has flourished and thrived into a bustling center of culture and trade, while still maintaining it's often alluring, seedier wonders." -- from the Silver Sun Atlas entry.

Silver Sun merged again with Feanga in October 2004 to create the Shire of the Eternal Coast.

As of June 14th, 2009, the Shire of the Silver Sun reformed. Their first meeting after a long break saw 12 players. They became officially a part of Dragonspine, and a sponsored land by the Principality of Westmarch, before Westmarch became its own kingdom.

The park is inactive as of May 2014.


Silver Sun met at Tucker's Grove Park. From the 101, exit Turnpike Rd and head north. The park is located at the end of the street, beyond the stoplight where Turnpike Rd meets Cathedral Oaks Rd.

805 San Antonio Creek Rd
Santa Barbara, CA 93111

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="34.45144" lon="-119.790373" type="satellite" zoom="14"> 34.451847, -119.79003 Silver Sun </googlemap>




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