Teylon De'Grathor

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Baronet Squire Teylon De'Grathor Eru Ilúvatar of High Oasis, Dragonspine



The short-haired lowland desert yeti known as Teylon found his way to the High Oasis of the Sun's Anvil after being sent out by his clan to preach to the world about the dangers of adopting sand as a unit of currency. This move on the part of the rest of his species led them to the brink of economic ruin. What was thought of as good idea (Hey! We'll all be rich!), led only to filthy over-inflation. Finding the cost of bread to be somewhere between 5000 and 10000 pounds of sand per loaf, Teylon's family rebelled. While some in the community quietly supported the De'Grathors' beliefs, they were widely held to be heretics and blasphemers and were eventually ostracized and semi-banished to the outer fringes of the community. It was at this time that Teylon's parents, with tears streaking down their furry faces sent their only son out into the wide world to save those hapless souls. This, on the surface, seemed like a good idea; however, Teylon has only a very rudimentary understanding of the common tongue, and absolutely no concept of economics or inflation. After completely terrifying a nomad camp with his ramblings, Teylon decided to follow a wagon driven by a man with a patchwork belt and a butterfly on his chest. They arrived shortly thereafter in the High Oasis, where he dwells to this day. He has recently established a new tavern in the underworld of High Oasis. It is called "The Sweaty Yeti", and is a haven for all manner of unsavory personages, such as lawyers and tax accountants.

Teylon was recently adopted into the family of Pollux, and has added the surname Eru Ilúvatar.

He lives in fear, for both Doom and Pollux stalk him. The stalking arms race is getting out of control. Doom has now been forced to counter-counter-stalk Teylon.

Affiliated Groups

Teylon De'Grathor is a founder of the Faceless Men.

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