House Lionesse

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A household dedicated to promoting female fighters in Amtgard.

House Lionesse is a universal Amtgard household for the support and encouragement of women fighters. It exists for the exchange of information, experience and resources helpful to women in Amtgard combat. Our goal is to use the resources of the internet and gatherings at interkingdom events to share with Amtgardians who may not have much contact with other women fighters.

House Lionesse membership is open to both women and men who have an interest in and wish to support women's fighting in Amtgard.

The household is based on a Facebook group where fighters can discuss and share ideas and experiences. It is a comfortable and fun community of supportive Amtgardians seeking to excel. To join us at our Facebook group.

Resources for fighting women are available on the House Lionesse web site. There are articles about fighting, weapons, training, and our heritage and experiences as women warriors in Amtgard.




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