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Squire Ricken, of Slaughter Creek, Celestial Kingdom

"I'm going to A&S the SHIT out of this."

Acrylic paint drying makes Ricken a sad minotaur
Preparing for a Slaughter Creek quest, April 2015.


Ricken began playing in April of 2014 at Traitors Gate. Moved in January 2015 to Slaughter Creek. Frequents Tori Mar and Droburg practices.

Often found sporting a 'coonskin cap on the battlefield.

Once pocket stabbed a guy so hard he fell in love with her.

Affiliated Groups

Church of the Apocalypse‎ Acolyte

House Lionesse

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Belted Family

Ricken accepted a squires belt from Sir Shadow Dragon at Spring War XXII

Sir Zircon - (Crown 1992), (Flame 2000)

  • Sir Arion - (Crown 1995), (Flame 1998), (Serpent 2002)

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