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Baron Arch-Druid Chieftain Hazard Havaar

”berf.” or ”I don't believe you...” or ”Humalumarubabuble” and ”I don't get it...”


Hazard Havaar
Chapter High Oasis
Kingdom Dragonspine
Started 1989 Burning Lands
Noble Title Baron
Belted Status not quite
Belted Under Jynx Mercades?
Combat Ranking
Way Dancer
A&S Ranking
Way Dancer
Way.jpg Way.jpg

Hazard started his Amtgard life at Burning Lands in El Paso where he grew up. During his first couple of years he went from being the Barbarian with the "Captain Caveman" club to a Druid, frolicking with Dryads and Brownies. After a while he became bored with the scholars and sages (leaving college), developing wanderlust. Hazard traveled for a few years, visiting various lands and meeting so many interesting Amtgarders.

He moved to the Phoenix area in 1999 where he played at the Shire of Hyl Tao. This is where he first tried his hand at Monarchy duties (Hazard was always helpful, but never had previously taken office). Later he helped found Ardent Sands in Mesa, Arizona (helping build it up to a Barony) and attempted to create another chapter in Glendale called Amoonalyn (political confusion caused this satellite shire to fail). Hazard left the game in 2005 for mundane reasons, the hiatus lasted about six years. During that time Hazard married Aramis of Oceana on 06/06/06.

When he returned, the new group was Barony of High Oasis in Phoenix. He jumped back into the Monarchical pool and eventually got a full house, having held each of the five positions at least once (though someone forgot to add Regent to the ORK3). Hazard is always frequently teased about being the old man of what is now Sun's Haven, but he has hopes to live long and die as an Amtgarder.

Affiliated Groups

House Havaar (head)
House Ambiguous (conscripted)
Wardancers (dirt)
House Lioness (inactive)

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments