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Lord Squire TuK! Uziel of the Emerald Hills, Defender of Eagleshire

"All I said was I like bacon."




TuK! Uziel first found out about Amtgard while in high school. Solithan had come to school with a fireball and TuK! asked him what it was. Solithan naturally replied that "It's a fireball." and then proceeded to explain what Amtgard was, and how magic fit into it. TuK! scoffed at the time, but in 1998 he started to attend Eagleshire regularly. He proved himself to be an outstanding new addition to the orginization earning an Order of the Emerald. He has proven himself to be both an outstanding warrior, and a genuine asset to the game many times over. He is the founder of Gryphons Rage, the General of Eagleshire's forces, and the Lieutenant of Sable Pride. His will and determination are legendary; at Spring War IX he, alongside Thrann Von Doom, once slew an entire unit of his own soldiers because they refused to advance. He also though is legendary for his service to Amtgard. TuK! is and has always been a dedicated member of Amtgard, his park, and kingdom. He is currently squired to Sir Nevron as well as Sir Logan T. Black, and was formerly squired to Warlord Sir Zigful sai Yuk.

Known Facts

  • He is a great father. There's no question the man loves his kids.
  • One of Og's illegitimate children.
  • He still hasn't figured out how the Priest, Rabbi, and Minister joke goes.


  • He once built a raft out of groundscored weapons, spit, and gum wrappers in order to float out of a flooded mid-reign.
  • He likes bacon.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Line



Notable Accomplishments

Regent of Eagleshire, EH, June 2009 - December 2009

Champion Protem Eagleshire, EH, June 2008 - December 2008

Duke of Eagleshire, EH, June 2005 - December 2006

Defender - Given by DJaj - by the Hand of King Martello - June 2004

Master Warrior - Given by Grand Inquisitor Sutra Bahuas - June 2007

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Tuk doing his usual job of providing security at Banner Wars XII.

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