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Count Squire Pahyum Sumac Asayri, of Sun's Haven under the Kingdom of Desert Winds

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"The Heart of Iron Springs" -Khazon

There once was a fanboy named Pahyum
who made Belgarin say "Dayum"
Cuz he worshipped "Lord Arthon"
Who gave him a hardon
Leaving Squeak! for a crush on a "mayun" -Feral Lynn


Pahyum, also commonly known as Py, (Pie, Pahy, Pye, or π also work) sought out Amtgard after hearing stories about it whilst he played his former LARP(which remains nameless). Makes his first *official* Amtgard appearance January 4th, 2004, though he did play before then at the original Atlanta group before the ORK was a thing.

One of the first citizens of Iron Springs, he made a name for himself with his charisma and by being Dame Squeak!'s Droog/gofer. Quickly he became well traveled meeting many Amtgard celebrities while having no clue how awesome they were. Sparhawk described him as quite "scrappy" in combat. Pahyum is noted for popularizing that silly down sword (not spear) Florentine style in the south east. He usually fights sword and board due to his ability to turtle from his size and flexibility.

Pahyum has this unique ability to be incredibly nice about everything and brings out the goodness in most people. For a time he was considered the life blood of Iron Springs powering the old group through its last moments as Amtgard in Atlanta before its unfortunate collapse after he had to leave the country for some time.

Iron Springs has now since reformed in Kennesaw. Pahyum's travels splits him between there and Sun's Haven (where his mundane work sends him regularly). Now that Sun's Haven is a Kingdom of Desert Winds park, Pahyum has been recruited to serve as the Kingdom's Marshall.

Py is a massage therapist and isn't too shabby at it.

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Was paged to Dame Lily Sumac in March, 2005. Lily took a break from Amtgard and during this time it was rumored that Pahyum was squired to Sir Arthon. Lily returned to Amtgard and shortly afterward took Pahyum as her squire on April 2nd, 2011.

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