Brennon Viridian

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Brennon Viridian, of the Emerald Hills

"I once re-wrote the rulebook just to shaft Assassin."



Or as he is referred to on E-Sam BrennonEH, was a Knight of the Sword. He was belted during a down pour at SKBC (10 April 2004) by the right of King Martello Entropy of the Emerald Hills, but the blade was dropped by his long time friend Sir Lief of the Iron Mountains. He is a acknowledged gifted psychic and reads the tarot cards.

His knights belt was stripped on 10/1/2019.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Line

Brennon Viridian (Sword)

Notable accomplishments

Brennon has served his Kingdom as 6.1 representative, Champion, BOD member, IRCA representative, Guildmaster of Reeves, and a host of other positions. He has also received his Master Rose.


Brennon has also won a vast number of other kingdom-level tournaments both in EH and throughout the rest of Amtgard.

Despite all of his martial victories, Brennon is most proud of his work at unifying Amtgard into a cohesive whole through game-wide initiatives such as the 7.0 Rulebook, Award Standardization, Tri-Kingdom Midreign, and inter-kingdom communication.

Named one the top 5 Amtgarders of 2007

For most of 2009 and early 2010, his name was replaced on Amtwiki with the epithet "Glorious Leader".