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Sir Kelrick Drake-Sargent

(Knighting at Spring War 2016)


(W/ Heraldic Banner)


(and with his back to the camera for once)



AKA 'Kel-Kat', formerly of the Burning Lands, Dragonspine, and the Celestial Kingdom and member of the Golden Lions, Kelrick spent some few years in Drandmir and the HFS, showing himself to be a role model for a generation of young Drandmirians, before returning to Amtgard in the Wetlands.

After a several year reprieve, Kelrick returned to help support the founding of Empire's Grove, a freehold on the east coast. Taking on the responsibilities as Regent he inspired the growing populous to challenge themselves artistically through garb and armor making.

Kel also has the honor of having introduced his amazing husband, Fleuric Drake-Sargent, to the world of Amtgard and since has been active at Inland Ocean and received his first knighthood.

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Member of the Golden Lions


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