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Zen Thistle, of Ironwood, Wetlands

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Discovered Amtgard shortly after discovering texas ren fair Wanted something that would last all yr round. Next door neighbor Dreagon said well if you like ren fair.. you should give amtgard a try. a 2 minute walk led me to a game much like the nostagic hit some with the empty cardboard wrapping paper roll.. except it didn't break after the third hit.

learned best fighting skills from Kane and Killmany.

Former pink Harem girl of the King Dreagon. Also squire to the retired Knight Dreagon.

likes to fight. Prefers shield and sword. The shield base was a gift from Zol.

The Thistle is her prefered symbol. It represents pretty with an untouchable prickly do not pick me or I shall poke you with my thorns. Very good flower for the a warrior chick. First WEtland woman to join House Morriganna..

been to 2 clans ..several spring wars.. and mid reigns..

Repect reynin the most as far as other chick fighters.. she is real. And honest .. and honesty goes a whole lot in this world. Left Amtgard to Marry an English Man... and live Domestically for a bit. on the front cover of siren

Alot of the story is outdated.. I beheaded draxkull in some torrid past life.. or something.. no need to explain.. and of course no longer a crimson scale.. It was fun for a bit ...then it was as some fighting companies go.. then I guess they fixed it. who knows!!! but hey I still have the old link

Currently raising family .. sometimes spotted out at storm wall or ironwood. (still like to fight)

Notable Accomplishments

Master Monk

Goddess of thrift

Became a Baroness I think after holding a the title of arts and science grand regency of Stormwall.

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