Randalf Falconbridge

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Lord Sir Randalf Falconbridge, of Slaughter Creek, Defender of the CK, KoS.

.***Rand transitioned in late 2023. See Estelyn Blackfyre.***

"Rand is the keeper of Torch lore, stationed near checkpoint Dalos just off the shores of the Golden City. His ivory tower holds mysteries long lost.." -- Asylus Cotta, The Night Train

"Rand either demonstrates casual indifference or swift violence." -- Doomshadow

"Never in a tournament." -- Rand

"No one stays dead forever." -- Rand

"Radio is not dead, but it is ending this broadcast." -- Alastor, "Hazbin Hotel"

Seen here with Clalibus on the left and Qualin on the right. The three top placements in one Tourney or another, probably occurring in 2002 at DragonsHaven.


The Thirteenth Torch. Most commonly called Rand. The natural born son of Hulka of Allender, he uses the distaff name of Falconbridge instead. Nephew to his eminence Cardinal Dunbar, and Captain of his Scouts.

Shortly after Dunbar's decision to enter seclusion Rand migrated to the HFS kingdom of Barad Duin. In time he rose to the rank of Captain in the Barad Duin Foreign Legion. Rand was one of the chief supporters of King Fish I, who would later name him seneschal and Lord of the Black Tower in Exile.

Despite his regular participation in HFS, Amtgard remains his primary focus. A long time resident of Ditch Central, he belonged to Tori-Mar for much of his career. These days he can regularly be found at the Barony of Slaughter Creek. In HFS he is presently serving out his second ten year term as Chancellor of Bobsnia Torchegovania.

Some Fairly Well Known Facts:

Affiliated Groups

Fighting Company: Rand is a High Priest of The Chosen, and Company Historian.
Rand is the Horseman known as Pestilence, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Active House Holds: Rand is a member of the Golden City All-Stars (#87).
Active House Holds: Rand is a member of The White Tower, TarValon.Net.
Founding Member: The Ministers of Grace, House Dark Sovereigns, Ferrosati and XIII.
Inactive House Holds: The Brotherhood, and the Church of Dunglen.

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments


  • Chancellor of Tori-Mar, July 1996 - October 1996
  • GM of Reeves, March 1997 - October 1997
  • Champion of Tori-Mar, November 2003 - March 2004
  • Champion of the Celestial Kingdom, May 2004 - November 2004
  • Prime Minister of the Celestial Kingdom, January 2005 - June 2005
  • GM of Reeves, May 2006 - November 2007
  • 36th Champion of the Celestial Kingdom, April 2008 - November 2008


Published Works:

I'm a fairly prolific writer but the examples on that page are all from the bad old days in the mid-nineties. When viewed in the modern light they are reasonably horrific. I have left them here as a historical curiosity. If you go as far as to read them, please view them as a product of their proper place and time. Amtgard has come a long way since then, for that matter so have I. They do not in any way reflect the state and values of our organization in the modern age.

Additional Images

Sir Rand's Knighting at Banner Wars 2006
From Left to right:Lief, Cutari, Drakknar, Belkev, Dalos, Michael Hammer of God, Arthon, Thun, and Glorious.


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