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The following rules are from an out of date rule-set

A Monster from the Book of Engoku.


The most legendary Ryú of all time, Orochi was made at the dawn of time, and will continue until he brings about the destruction of the world. Orochi is huge, staggeringly huge, winding around mountains, drinking lakes dry, and crushing whole villages with a single step. Orochi has ten heads, a mean streak wider than the Milky Way, and cannot be killed…at least, not for long. If it is killed, it will likely leave the area be for many years.


Scaly black and green garb, horns


Type: Multi-Person Mystical Beast
Q/M Ratio:: 10/1 (QUEST)
Armor: 3 points Natural Invulnerable (per head)
Weapons: One short melee per head (Natural)
Immunities: None
Natural Lives: 1

Abilities & Traits

Levels: None.