Nocturne Karuwhogod

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Grand Duke Sir Nocturne Karuwhogod of Ravensmoor, Defender of Neverwinter



Started in October of 1999, at a Harvest Feast in Gainesville. Began playing regularly at Windstorm Woods. Moved to Bloodstone in less than a year. Began traveling to Falling Fire shortly after that, and was squired by Auwyne. Served in Kingdom Office as Champion, moved on to Regent, Monarch twice, Regent, Champion, and Monarch again; rounding out at about 3 1/2 years solid in Kingdom Office. Served as Kingdom GMR after that. Served as NW BOD President for 2 years, and Kingdom PM for a year after that. Helped found NodRama with the help of Sir Venus in February 2009, until the pair moved to North Florida in February 2010, where they helped found Ravensmoor in Jennings, FL.

Affiliated Groups

Triads Fighting Company

Belted Family

Before Nocturne joined the peerage he was Squire to Sir Auwyne Aboowhogod.


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