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Page Ticklepaws, member of the Barony of Mystic Glade, Principality of Winter's Edge, Kingdom of Neverwinter.

”Looks like you need a good, old-fashioned cock-punchin'


Ticklepaws is a member of the Barony of Mystic Glade in Knoxville,TN. She made her first appearance in the Winter of 2003 as a member of the Shire of Sleeping Dragon. Was directly involved in the eventual downfall of Sleeping Dragon due partly to her (as well as eleven other members') departure to join the Barony of Mystic Glade, and the unveiling of the gross misinterpretations of the rulebook/corpora and misappropriation of park funding by senior park members. *see also: The Beast of Winter's Edge thread on Electric Samurai*

After joining The Barony of Mystic Glade, she began frequently traveling with the other core members of her park. She has held the position of Regent of The Principality of Winter's Edge twice. She dated Flow for several years,and is very good friends with Beefy and Gilan so she pretty much goes wherever the Tennessee Triads go.

She has a penchant for hideously printed garb, torturing other people in the car with the crazy music on her ipod, and "No shit, there I was.." stories. She will take almost any dare, will nearly always jump into a dogpile fight, and has a pretty mean bottle-stab.

She is an Arthon fangirl.

Also known as Bearsuit

Affiliated Groups

House Margarita Chicks

Belted Family

Page to Dame Fionna of Goldenvale

Notable Accomplishments

  • Founding member of HMC.

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