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Way Dancer
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Flame Dancer
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Baronetess Cira Cadmus ( Formerly Chaosdragon) of Sylvan Glade, Winter's Edge

”The biggest avalanches sometimes start with but one pebble."


She joined Amtgard in 1998 as one of four founders of the freehold Shire of Crystal Groves and was co-founder of Feast of Dead and Feast of Fools with other founding members.

Crystal Groves made Amtgard more than a "game" or just something to do on the weekends; we proved that it could be a positive force for change. Before Crystal Groves reached Kingdom Status, we managed to donate almost $26,000.00 to various charities in Maryland, ranging from women & children shelters to emergency medical services to Cystic Fibrosis of Maryland. Being a positive force for change is the highest achievement anyone could every strive for. Currently avoiding E-sam or any other forum.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

she was instrumental in building the park and gaining its acceptance as a Kingdom at Clan 2007.


  • Royal Deflator to Goldenvale - awarded by King Balthazar TM- Feburary 2000
  • Ladyship - Given by Monarch of the Kingdom of Goldenvale, September 2000
  • Baronetess - Given by Queen Fiona of the Kingdom of Goldenvale, February 2006


  • Duchess of Crystal Groves, July 2005 - January 2006
  • Duchess of Crystal Groves, January 2004 - June 2004
  • Duchess of Crystal Groves, July 2003 - December 2003
  • Champion of Crystal Groves, January 2002 - June 2002
  • Regent of Crystal Groves, January 2000 - June 2000
  • Regent of Crystal Groves, July 1999 - December 1999


  • Master Barbarian - Given by The Monarch of the Kingdom of Goldenvale, January 2003
  • Master Rose - Given by The Kingdom of Goldenvale, July 2006
  • Walker of the Middle- Given by the Kingdom of Goldenvale, April 2002

Personal Heraldry

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