Moogie Morrigan

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Baronet Sir Moogie Morrigan, of the Emerald Hills.

”Moogie is the mean one.”-Squeak!




Moogie was originally from the Emerald Hills, where she formed the many vertebrae of the back bone of the kingdom. She spent some time in the Celestial Kingdom and Iron Mountains and still has friends there today. She is currently back in the Emerald Hills, where she is a frequent updater of the the wiki.

Affiliated Groups

Founder and Lady of House Lionesse and the thoughtful maintainer of their website and by proxy much of the history of women in the game. Check here to visit the House Lionesse Website

Member of the Justicars

Member of The Cobra Kai

Belted Family

Before she was welcomed into the order of the Flame Moogie was Squire to Sir Sparhawk Kingfisher who was Squired to Sir Lief who was Squire to Auromax Silverhawk who was squired to Thorn Crossbearer. She has at least one squire of her own Roxanna of Iron Cloud.

Notable Accomplishments

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Here with Wife Phred.

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