Amtgard Songs

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Amtgard Songs

This is a listing of the music of Amtgard, usually written in the form of Filks or variations on popular tunes. Please include the author of the lyrics and the tune with your entries.

Note this is generally being supplanted by the Category: Amtgard Songs.

(!) - indicates a song with adult content or explicit lyrics.

Original Music

Original Drinking Songs

Filks (alphabetical)

Filks about Sluffing

Filks About Aramithris

Filks about Loptr

Filks about the Magical Mystery War

Filks about World Banner Wars

In addition to these there are many traditional songs or songs from other sources which are popular in Amtgard. A complete list would be impossible, but the link below to Cantaria would probably be a good start.

Websites with song archives