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Lord Sir Covenant of the Scarred Heart, aka "Scarhart" for short, of the Wetlands

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Arguably the best campfire bard in Amtgard. His abilities and his repertoire together make him fascinating to watch.

Maintained the extensive Cantaria (sadly now no more) website which documented songs, both period pieces from the middle ages and current songs about them, complete with lyrics, scores, tabs and digital samples of the songs being performed, many by Scarhart himself.

When Scarhart is not at Amtgard he can be found participating in the SCA

Affiliated Groups

Scarhart was a founding member of Archon. Formerly of the Claw Legion. Friend of the Corsairs.

Belted Family

Sir Lord Covenant of the Scarred Heart

Notable Accomplishments


Guildmaster of Knights of the Wetlands; 6/2017-Present

Wrote numerous well known songs such as:

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