Magical Mystery War

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A bit of CK and BL History.

The Magical Mystery War or the Bus War, happened in Amtgard year 16. The Reigning Monarch of the Celestial Kingdom Sir Zodiac Darkjester and his then wife and Regent Shanti and his Squire Breetai concocted a plan to invade the Kingdom of the Burning Lands. But they wanted this war to be different, so they devised that it would be a 'Mystery War'. Refusing to tell the 'Troops' where they were headed until the very last minute. People who planned to go on this mission paid $50.00 each in two twenty five dollar installments, and expected to be out of town for a weekend, without ever knowing where they might end up.

The week before hand the Monarchy released the location and the Burning Lands apparently scrambled to call up researves. The CKers met in San Antonio TX and got on a bus to ride all night, to Memorial Park. You can read an account of the events here in this Filk written by Breetai, The Battle of the Burning Lands. From the other side here is one by Lodan, These Here CK Guys.

Members of the ACK

Here listed are all the members of the caravan that was the MMW. If you know of more please list them!

From CK
From BL

Here are some accounts of the event as told by the people present

Father Thomas

"Oh I fondly remember that War. I had torn my ACL the week before in a tourney at Solaris and only had a quasi-effective brace on my knee to keep if from tearing more. (Surgery wasn't for another couple of weeks away.) Anyway, the brace didn't help enough and I wrenched my knee twice more during the battlegames. Oh well, chicks dig surgery scars."

"I remember the fight that was waging fiercly at the crest of the hill, and I slowly and painfully snuck up the back of the hill to get behind the Burning Landers. I didn't even have to swing a weapon, these two Burning Lander guys in the back of their line noticed a limping fully armored dude coming up behind them, (me). They shouted and yelled to their comrades about me, the whole line turned around and the rest of the CK'ers that they had just moments before been facing, fell on them like an avalanche. Good times. We need to do a bus trip war again. What are the Burning Lander numbers like nowadays?"


"Admittedly we got crushed on the first advance. The Celestial Kingdom used all of their enchantments quickly in hopes for a quick and decisive victory. It was a fun day, and in the end we had to res the CK monarch so he could properly surrender to us."


<googlemap version="0.9" lat="33.063924" lon="-103.710937" zoom="6"> 6#B2758BC5 29.336533, -98.473389, Celestial Kingdom Start 30.012031, -99.18457, Bifost 30.479292, -99.835693 30.403518, -100.209228 30.64957, -101.154053 30.573928, -101.615478 30.838416, -102.230713 30.819548, -102.977783 31.026891, -104.032471 30.989226, -104.779541 31.158602, -105.372803 31.158602, -105.790283 31.702311, -106.405518, Burning Lands </googlemap>