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Sir Slyddur K. Rahbet, Grand Duke, Kingdom of the Wetlands.

"I just can't quit this game!"



Slyddur Began playing Amtgard on March 14, 1992 when he begun his rapin' and a pillagin'. In his time in the Wetlands Slyddur has held many positions for a very long time and some times has held positions for very short periods of time. Slyddur can typically be found armed with a lonestar or a bottle of rum. Slyddur has served on many secret councils to "fix" many things. Some of these things may or may not include:

  • the excomunication of Feral and anyone associated with Feral from Slyddur's fun time
  • getting hot chicks drunk and encouraging their experimentation with each other
  • sailing long boats into many a wet and dry dock of both large and small dock-size. More small docks though.
  • Keeping Cabal in the company of booze and women (pre-marriage, yo!).


After the Wetlands became a Kingdom Slyddur started going to a lot of events. At one of these events he started Slyddur's secret army which consisted of anyone who would drink with him and didn't suck. They would then take part in Slyddur's fun time which typically consists of drinking a lot, looking for hot chicks to hang out with and sacrificing the weak to the alcohol gods. You may be in the secret army but you probably don't know it. Actually, odds are Slyddur hates you and you're not in his army, which makes you part of Feral's army. Slyddur is one the original Stormwall Pirates, most of whom are in Slyddur's secret army, and has crashed on many beaches intenionally and unintenionally. The biggest problem with SSA is that Slyddur can only remember who is in the SSA when he's drunk. The only constant member is Gorlak, the mighty who acts as enforcer and sometimes translator.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

  • Slyddur often refers to his "underbelts" as Sly's Nuts

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2579932298_da05b7e7ea_o.jpg A Young Slyddur, circa 1997.

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